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The trial of Mathew James Everingham

Reference Number: t17840707-116
Offence: Deception > fraud
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Transportation

775. MATTHEW JAMES EVERINGHAM was indicted, for that he being a profligate person, on the 17th of June did falsly pretend to Owen Owens servant to Samuel Shepherd , Esq; in the Middle Temple, that he was sent to Mr. Shepherd, from Mr. Clermont's for Burn's Justice or Compton's Practice meaning certain books, by which he obtained the same books, value 10 s. the property of the said Samuel Shepherd, whereas he was not sent with that message .


I am servant to Mr. Shepherd, I was servant to him on the 17th of June last, the prisoner came to me on the 17th of June in the morning, about ten or eleven, he came with Mr. Clermont's compliments to Mr. Shepherd, and he would be obliged to him, if he would lend him Burn's Justice or Compton's Practice, I gave him the books, and asked him whether he lived with Mr. Clermont's or not, he said yes, he did, and he had had the fever and ague, and was come back again.

- CLERMONT, Esq. sworn.

The prisoner at the bar was my servant, but not on the 17th of June.

Did you send him any where? - I did not send him any where.


I am a bookseller in Bell-yard, Temple-bar, (1) the prisoner came to me about the middle of June, I did not take any particular notice then of the time, he brought to me to sell Compton's Practice; I gave him five shillings for it, if it had been the last edition of the book it would have been worth more, but not being the last, it was the full value of it.

What does the last edition sell for? - Sixteen shillings; I asked him whose they were, he asked me but three shillings, I said my lad I can give you five shillings for them, but you must produce me some authority, or I shall detain the books, he said he himself lived in Elm Court, Temple, upon which he went away, and returned and brought me a letter, on the authority of which I bought them; I thought it might be some distressed member of the law that wanted money, I could not tell.


I was in great distress.

Court to Owen Owens . Were Mr. Shepherd and Mr. Clermont acquainted? - Yes, they were.


Transported for seven years .

Tried by the London Jury before Mr. ROSE.

 (1) Bell Yard, Temple Bar ran north-south between Fleet Street in the south and what is now Carey Street in the north. It was to the north of Temple Church and Temple Bar, to the west of St. Dunstan in the West, and to the east of St. Clement Danes. According to Harben, the name "derived from the tenement called "le Belle""

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