Thursday, December 15, 2016

Memorial to the Governor Elizabeth Rimes


To: Hix Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane

The Humble petition of Elizabeth Everingham
Most dutifully submits forthwith
That petiitioner is widow of Mathew Everingham, who has been dead now about severn hears, with that the deceased had lost his life while on dity of District Constable of Portland Head.  That at the time of her husband's decease she [ileg] a far on the bouny of the heather bay [ileg] to which there was about 60 acres of [ileg] land which [ileg] was at the top of [ileg] and [ileg] int [ileg...]
That petitioner has been most humbly to add that she has a large family to the habits of orderly and that her whole support is derived from that said small petition of land on which she recides and [ileg] a humble habittion [ileg]
May it thefore please His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbant to take the abode into his charitable foundation and to grant the pititioner the aforesaid widonw a thithe to the said piece of land and petittioner as in duty bound.
17 January 1895

[ileg] have to recommend to your Excellencys favourbale consideration the [ileg] of the pitition as the petitioner is a deserving widow, has a large family and has cleared the land applied for under our opionin, that the same belonged to the Estate of [ileg] but it appears that the said land is unalocated.

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