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Inquest into the death of Mathew James Everingham

These pages of the inquest are difficult to read, following is a transcript as far as I can tell:

Inquistion at Lower Portland Head, Manning Point, this 26th day of December 1817 in view of the body of Mathew Everingham than and then being held before [ileg] Hobby C[ileg] and the following taken good and lawful [ileg] of this district

Mr James Dunn
Hugh Dockerty
James Levetto
Johnathan Mann'
Edward Northon
John Crofs
James Kelly
James Sutherland
Micheal [ileg\
John [ileg]
William Crofs
George Walford

John Williams district Constable sworn that yesterday afternoon about 5 oclock the deceased being on board the Anne Maria Sloop witness heard some quarelling on shore.   He requested the deceased to remain on board and in charge of the vessel, which had been seized by direction of the foreman for selling and aitiling spirituous liquors whie he, witness, went on shore to see the cause of the disturbance the he left the deceased.
Settling on the {ileg} that witless had before cautioned him as to that dangerous situation in which he was setting.  That witness had scarcely turned away from hin and got into a boat.
And had proceeded but a few yards from the vessel when he heard a splash in the water and saw the deceased struggling under the water about a {ileg}
That witness endeavored to save him but was unable to do so from the distance he was from the place where the deceased was struggling.
That he immediately gave an alarm but as not any other person was on board nor any assistance could be offered him that in the evening the body was found by James Sutherland..
Signed John Williams.

William Mann states that on Oath that yesterday afternoon he saw the deceased sitting on the {ileg] of the Anna Maria and heard Williams caution him from sitting in so dangerous a situation and requested him to move to the hatches, that he was on the bank when Williams {ileg] the alarm of the deceased having fallen into the river, that witness {ileg} but could not see the body, that in the evening the body of the deceased was brought [ileg] by James Sutherland, thinks the deceased was intoxicated.
Singed William Mann

Verdict, accidental death

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