Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hannah Maria Hoole 1864-1888

All I know of Hannah before she married Alexander Urquhart, is that she was born in Sheffied, Yorkshire, England in 1864.  I have been to Sheffield, it was an industrial town from at least the 1600's, mainly due the its river, and its history goes back much further.  It was the centre of the silver plate industry in the late 1700's, and then the steel industry in the 1800-1900's.

In 1884 Hannah and her sister Sarah immigrated aboard the ship Texan to Australia.

Immigration deposit record. These are records of money deposited in the Colony by people wanting to sponsor the immigration of someone, usually a family member or someone for specific employment.


Cetificate: #2072
Date of Deposit: 5/11/1883
Name of Depositor: Margaret Cottom, Sydney

Description of the person for whom the deposit is being made:
Name:  Hannah M Hoole, Sarah E Hoole
Age: 19,17
Address: Abbey View Road, Norton, Woodseat, West Sheffield.
Name of person who can be contacted: Peter Linley
Amount Deposited: PDS 2 each.
From: England
Arrived per ship :SS Texan

Passenger lists for the SS Texan which show the Hoole sisters arriving in Australia.
Hannah died in 1888 aged just 24 years, the family were living at St Peters, NSW at the time.

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