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William Littleboy, death

William Littleboy b 1803

The start of a Waterman and Lighterman dynasty.

When William Littleboy was born on 6th May, 1803 in Iver, Buckinghamshire, England, the Napoleonic wars between France and England had just started.  Napoleon was planning to invade England, so England ended an uneasy truce created by the Treaty of Amiens and declared war on France in May 1803.  King George lll from the house of Hanover was on the thrown, and Mathew Flinders completed the first circumnavigation of Australia.

The son of John Littleboy, an agricultural labourer, and Ann Fenn, we know little of his early life, the family appears to have been living just outside of London in Hillingdon.  William's parents were married the year he was born at St John the Baptist Church, Hillingdon.  Hillingdon is just 3kms from Iver.

St John the Baptist Church, Circa 1818.

Littleboy 1851 Census

Littleboy 1871 census

William Littleboy, death

1881 Census - Littleboy

The Children of William and Ann Littleboy