Thursday, December 15, 2016

Elizabeth Rimes b 1774

Elizabeth Rimes was born 20th march, 1774 at Oxford in England.  She was convicted on 28th October 1789 of theft at the Old Bailey.  She was just 15 years of age, and living with one John Moore, some years older than she was.  Found Guilty, she was sentenced to 7 years transportation and came to Australia aboard the Neptune, arriving in 1790.  So Elizabeth was part of the 2nd fleet.

Elizabeth married Mathew Everingham at St Johns Church in 1791 aged just 16 years.  They had 11 children together,  and Mathew wrote of his wife......"a most excellent woman..hard indeed to be found in this colony for the generality of them disgrace the very name of woman."

After Mathew died, Elizabeth petitioned the Governor for a grant of land.

10 years after her husband Mathew died, Elizabeth married Patrick McGahey, another convict who was transported as part of the 3rd fleet. Patrick was aged just 26, Elizabeth 53. She was given permissin to mary from the governor, and they married at Wilberforce, NSW, AUS.  They both appear in the 1828 census.

1841 Census

McGahey, Elizabeth
Age 54
Neptune, 1790
7yrs, free
Farmer, Portland Head

McGahey, Patrick,
age 26
Sir G Webstr, 1825, 7 yrs, free
Farmer, Portland Head

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