Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marriage of Thomas Bates and Mary Katesby

Thomas Bates married Mary Ann Katesby (alias Catesby) at St Johns Anglican church, Parramatta, NSW  on 6th February, 1804.

 Below is a copy of the Church Register (refer to last entry No 127)  Note that Mary's Surname is Johnson, she married John Johnson, another convict whom she appears to have met on the ship Earl Cornwallis which they were both transported on.  Next to Mary's name is X and a 'signature'  this means it is likely that Mary was illiterate.

Marriage register, St Johns Church
Mary had one child with John Johnson - Mary Ann Johnson.  Thomas and Mary had 4 children between 1805 and 1810 -  Margaret,  John, and Elizabeth.  They may have had a child in 1821, James Joseph, however he is not yet confirmed as their son.

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