Wednesday, June 22, 2016

1828 Census - Mary Katesby

Three documents of the 1828 census concerning Mary Katesby exist:

  • TL means Ticket of Leave, 
  • BC means born in the colony.

The first one lists:
Mary Bates, aged 50, TL,  from the Cornwalls, arriving in 1801,  sentenced to 7 years, Church of England religion, employed and residing at John Thompson's, Parramatta District.  (note, there is nothing on page 2 of the return regarding Mary)

The second document shows the household residing in Parramatta:

John Thompson, 40, TL. arrived Fortune, 1818, sentenced life, employed as harness maker, protestant religion.
Mary Thompson (wife) 26, BC
Samuel Thompson, 11, son BC
Mary Thompson, 4, daughter BC
Elizabeth Thompson, 2, daughter BC
Eliza Thompson, 1, daughter BC
James Palmer, 23, arrived  [illeg] 1812, cabinet maker, catholic. TL.
Elizabeth Palmer, wife, 18,  BC
Mary Bates, 50, arrived Cornwallis, 1801, sentenced 7 years, widow. TL.

(the document is signed John Thompson for Brown Constable.)

The Third document is a little difficult to read:

No 84 Bates, Mary, age 50, TL, Cornwallis, 1801, 7 yrs, Catholic at John Thompsons, Parramatta

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