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Ann McGlashan - b1808

Born in Inverness, Scotland in 1808, Ann's parents were Alexander McGlashan and Elizabeth.  I do not know Elizabeth's surname, or how many children they have.

There is also a birth registered in 1811 for an Ann McGlashan, so the date of birth is in dispute, although her immigration papers say she is aged 28 in 1837, so that would make here DOB about 1808/9.

The McGlashan Clan is a Sept of the Mackintosh Clan, which is a Scottish clan from Inverness with strong Jacobite ties. The Mackintoshes share a common history with the Chattan Confederation.  
McGlashan Tartan

Origins of the clan

Shaw, son of Duncan Macduff, accompanied King Malcolm IV of Scotland to Morayshire to suppress rebellion in 1160. In 1163 he was granted land in the Findhorn valley and made constable of Inverness Castle. Upon Shaw’s death in 1179, his son, Shaw the second became chief and was confirmed by William I of Scotland the Lion.

Probably the earliest authentic history of Mackintosh is traceable to Shaw or Search Macduff, a cadet son of the third Earl of Fife. The son of Macduff, for his support of King Malcolm IV, was awarded the lands of Petty and Breachley in Invernesshire and was appointed Constable of the Castle thereto. Assuming the name Mac an Taoiseach which means “Son of the Chieftain”, he became the progenitor of his own clan.

 The current Chief is John Mackintosh of Mackintosh. He has been chief since 1995 and currently resides in Singapore as a teacher at Nanyang Girls’ High School.

 I know nothing more about Ann McGlashan, other than her death on 11th February, 1888 at Goulburn.  She died 5 years after her husband John, and is burried with him at Old Goulburn Cemetary, Goulburn, NSW, Australia.  

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