Monday, October 31, 2016

Inquest into the death of Elizabeth (Mahoney) Donovan.

There are only a few clues as to what actually happened to Elizabeth in 1891.

The first is a Newspaper report concerning the inquest fro the Sydney Mail of 10th January 1891

On the same day, the Adelaide Observer also reported the inquest.

Of the inquest itself, there is a copy of the inquest report:

Elizabeth Donovan
Age 100
Born Cork Ireland
Died Mangrove Creek, Brisbane Water
Found Drowned.
Nil property

In January of that year, the temperature is reported to have reached 111 degrees F. - so it was very hot, and most likely there were bushfires as a result. It is speculation only, but  Elizabeth may have been trying to cool off in the Creek but would not have known how to swim, and inland waters are quite deceptive and dangerous.  We do know from newspaper reports she was not the only person who drowned in Mangrove Creek that year in January.

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