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Jane Beer - b 1783 - John Clark

The Tyler Index

 A series of mandates in the sixteenth century required clergy to compile records of baptisms, marriages, and burials within each parish. As the clergy were also obliged to send an annual copy to the bishop (called Bishops Transcripts).

 During England’s Civil War from 1642–1660 records were destroyed, lost, or never recorded. Of the remaining records several have been transcribed and collected by genealogical societies providing resources in the search for vital ancestry information. In 1837 civil registration, also known as General Registration, began recording births, deaths, and marriages.

The information  in the Tyler Index was compiled by Frank Watt Tyler who recorded genealogical data about families in the East Kent area. Parish records -primarily baptisms, marriages, and burials -  provide the best source of vital record information in the centuries before civil registration. These records also include some tombstone inscriptions. The majority of these records come between the years 1538 and 1874, although the full range of records extend from the early 1500s to the late 1900s  The Tyler Index is searchable through

Jane Beer

Most of the information I have about the Beer family comes from the Tyler Index of Kent.  This means I have been able to trace the Beer family in Kent back to Thomas Beer (abt 1560).  Kent is famous for its hops growing, and also brewing of beer.

Jane was the 2nd daughter of Phineas Beer and Jane Mackney and born in 1783, Christened on 15th June 1783 at St Mary the Virgin Church, Dover, Kent, ENG.

John Clark and Jane Beer had 9 children, including my Great Great Grandfather Edmund Charles Clark who immigrated to Australia during the Victorian Gold Rush.

St Georges Church, Ramsgate.

Jane died on 8th August, 1849 and is burred at St Georges Church Cemetery, Ramsgate, Kent, England.

Burial Register

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