Sunday, October 30, 2016

Certificates of Freedom John Donovan - 4

No. 39/749
21 May 1839
John Donovan
Ship: Southworth 1

Master Sampson
Year: 1822
Native Place : County Cork
Trade: Shoemaker
Offence: Horse Steeling
Place of Trial: Wesxford County
Date of Trial: March 1821
Sentence: 7 years
Year of birth 1887

Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Complexion: Ruddy
Hair : Brown
Eyes: Blue to Grey
General remarks: Scar right side of chin, another under left ear, Adam, Eve, Tree, L[ileg], Mermaid, IDAEB on right arm, Sun Crucifix, two anchors on left arm.
Had a exception no 37/11 dated August 1827 stated to have been robbed in [ileg]
In lieu of No 34/929 dated 21st July 1836.  Now su[ileg] mutilated.

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