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Elizabeth Donovan (Mahoney) Petition to the Govenor

In 1826 Elizabeth petitioned the Govenor for her husband to be assigned to her first instead of his master.  Page 2 has a notation about John's 2nd wife.

page 1

page 2.

page 1
 His Excellency Lieutenant General Ralph Darling, Govenor General and Commander in Chief.
The Petition of Eliza Donovan.
Most humbly herewith.
That your Excellencys Petitioner came out free, having been sent at the cost of Government on the lady Rowena in order to join her husband John Donovan, a prisoner for life,and a shoemaker by trade, who arrived by the South worth in the year 1822, and who is now assigned off the stores to Maurice Ryall of Kent Street Sydney.
That your Excellencys Peitioner and her said husband have lived together since her arrival, but in consequence of his circumstances both are subjected to many inconviences, to which had she a claim on his services, they could not be liable of your petitioner therefore most humbly entreats that your Excellency will be pleased to now these transfer to your petitioner, she shall as in duty bound ever pray,

page 2.
Was there any other woman came out in the Lady Rowena?
This is the woman whose husband married another woman before her arrival.
Whatever may be done for the [ileg] the poor woman, the husband and family merets our indulgence.  When the wife arrived she found him married to another and having questioned him, I have no doubt that he married [ileg] having [ileg] that his Irish wife was dead although [ileg].
In punishing the husband [ileg] punish the wife - let him sleep and work for himself [ileg] of the stores for a time until ..[ileg]...
He must attend church and [ileg]
Date July 28th, 1826

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