Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Marriage of Thomas Atkins and Anne Drennan (b1820)

Thomas Atkins and Anne Drennan were married on 14th April, 1836 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Kent Street, Sydney, NSW, AUS.

Ann Drennan was the daughter of William Drennan, a convict from Ireland, and Frances McAllister.  William Drennan was convicted of  Horse Stealing in Somerset Assizes Court on 8th September,  1821 and sentenced to death, later commuted to transportation.  He was transported to Australia aboard the Eliza in 1822.  William Drennan received a pardon in 1843, so he served 21 years as a convict.

It is not known when his wife and daughter Ann came to the colony, but Anne was born on 5th July, 1820 in Liverpool, Lancashire, according to the Gosford Pioneer Register (1788 - 1900).  As neither Anne nor her mother appear in the 1828 census, it is possible she arrived in Australia after this time.  She married Thomas Atkins when she was just 15 years of age, and he was 36 years old.

They had  7 children in total, but one died possibly in childbirth.

In  April 1848 this appeared  in the Sydney Morning Herald:

It appears that Thomas and Anne were going through some problems, but sorted them out as they had another 3 children after 1848.

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