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Mahala and Edmund's children.

Many thanks to Mrs. Elwyn Hung of Bendigo Regional Genealogical Socity Inc. for the research she kindly did for me about the family in Bendigo.

Elizabeth Jane Clark
Born 1850 in Thanet, Kent, England, married William Clark (no relation) b 1836 Manchester, Lancashire, England, in 1873 at St Pauls Cathederal, Melbourne.  They had 2 children, Lily Clark and Henry Charles Clark.   William Clark had previously been married in England, and had 4 children with his 1st. wife Ann Goodman.

William Clark
William and Elizabeth's marriage certif.

Te ei Kebir - William and Elizabeth's home.
Elizabeth died in 1917, and William in 1938 - both are buried at Box Hill Cemetery.

Mary Ann Clark
Born 1851 in Thanet, Kent, England, married George Gilbert Hart in 1881.  They had 5 children.  George Hart was the landlord of the Saracen Hotel in Bendigo.  They had 5 children, and George died in 1927, Mary in 1934.

Mahala Clark
Born in 1852 in Thanet, Kent, England, Mahala married William Ashley Hall, born 1939 at Congleton, Cheshire, England in 1870.  They had 8 children before William Hall died in 1880, and then Mahala had another child (father unknown) called Edwin Charles Clark. 

 William Ashley Hall  joined the army in 1852 in England and arrived in Australia aboard the Camperdown.  In 1855 he deserted, became a labourer at Sandhurst (Bendigo). The family believe he was involved in the Eureka Stockade, which was a turning point in Australian history, it is considered by some historians to be the birthplace of Australian democracy. It is the only Australian example of armed rebellion leading to reform of unfair laws. The Southern Cross flag   has been used as a symbol of protest by organisations and individuals at both ends of the political spectrum.  This is where Australian mateship is said to have begun.

Edmund Charles Clark
Born in Thanet, Kent, England married Mary Day in 1877 at Sandhurst (Bendigo).  they had one child in Victoria, then moved to Western Australia and had 10 more children.   They seem to have spent times back at Bendigo Victoria during 1884 and 1888 and 1891 when some of their children were born there, then traveled back to Western Australia settling in Leederville.

One of their sons, Herbert Holman Clark, born 1891 at Sandhurst, was in the 52nd Battalion of the Australian Infantry in WW1 and was killed in action on 6th April, 1918.  He is buried at Doullens, Picardie, France in the Doullens communal cemetery extension No. 1  (Somme, France).


Louisa Clark
Louisa was born at Bendigo, Victoria, and married Henry Edward Fulton in Bendigo in 1886They went on to have 4 children, all boys. One of their sons, Reginald Henry Fulton was in WW1 in France, he a gunner in the 8th Aust. Field Artillery, and died aged 27 on 22 September, 1918 in France, he hd been in France for 2 years.  He is buried at LA CHAPELETTE BRITISH AND INDIAN CEMETERY, PERONNE.

Grave of Reginald Henry Fulton

Aust. Infantry Gunners in WW1


William Samuell Clark born 1859 - died 1860, Bendigo, Victoria

William Samuell Clark  
Another son was born in 1860 and also named William Samuel.  He maried Catherine Mary Keast in 1881 in Bendigo, Victoria. They do not appear to have had any children, and died in 1934 and 1947 respectively.

Clara Clark born 1865 died 1866, Bendigo, Victoria. 


Susan (Mahala) Clark
Born 1866 in Bendigo, , Victoria.  We do know that Susan had a son, (name unknown) who was mentioned in Edmund Charles Clark Snr. will.  Susan was registered as Mahala when she died in 1938 but the headstone is engraved Susan.

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