Monday, January 16, 2017

Obituary of Major Henry Blackshaw.


MAJOR BLACKSHAW, aged 70, DIED at his residence, Argyle-street, Goul- burn, at ten a.m. on Sunday,after an illness, lasting with intervals of convalescence, for about nine months, the cause of death being liver complaint, on which dropsy supervened. 

Deceased came to the colony with his parents in 1844. About twelve months later his father took charge of Mr. Bradley's brewery, Goulburn, and subsequently commenced to brew on his own account. Major Blackshaw was educated at the Church of England school, and served his apprenticeship as saddler to the late Mr. T. Musgrave, and he afterwards conducted business on his own account for 20 years. 

Decoased joined the first Goulburn volunteer company on its formation in 1869, and after several years' service beeame captain. Under him the company attained a high state of efficiency, and was frequently compli- mented by its inspecting officers. With advancifiig age he retired in October, 1895, with the rank of Major. He was presented   with the Queen's decoration for long and faithful service. He was one of the crack rifle shots of the colony, won many prizes, and was one of five chosen to represent New South Wales in an Australian team which  visited England in 1886. He stood six feet, and his physique and bearing were those of the ideal soldier. 

The Major, who was twice married, leaves a widow, three sons, and six daughters. The eldest son, Arthur, it superintendent of Bathurst Hospital; the second, Henry, is employed in the railway loco. shops, Eveleigh; and the third, Alfred W., is clerk at the Goulburn Engineering Works. Two daugh- ters are married, one to Mr. Bullen, Mulwaree Shire council clerk, and the other to Mr. Sargeant of Grafton. The youngest, aged fourteen, is attending Raeburn school. Mr. E. Blackshaw of Auburn-street is a brother of the deceased. 

The funeral takes place at 4.30 p.m. to- morrow, and will be attended by members of Belmore Lodge, Protestant Alliance Benefit Society, to which deceased belonged.

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