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Mary McKinlay

Mary McKinlay was born in Goulburn, NSW in 1840.  Her parents were Turning McKinlay and Janet McDonald from Argyll, Scottland, and the family  immigrated to Australia in 1838.  Two years before Mary was born in the village of Bungonia.  Bungonia, was set up in the early 1820s, little more than 30 years after Governor Phillip landed at Port Jackson. Most of the inhabitants were convicts, ex convicts or ticket of leave men and women working on four or five big properties. As the area developed and other settlers came, the village progressed and various small businesses were established to service the district.

It seems likely that the family immigrated as a result of Dr Lang,  a Presbyterian minister, politician and writer.  He enticed many Scottish Highland people to immigrate to Australia on what was known as the Lang's bounty scheme between 1837-1840.

Mary's father, Turing, died when she was just 4 years old, which left her mother with 4 children to bring up.  It is not known if Mary's mother Janet remarried, but it seems possible as no death records for Janet McKinlay have been found.   

Mary married Maj. Henry Blackshaw when she was 18 years old, he was 4 years her senior.  They had 13 children.

In 1875 there was an unusual court case, (reported in TROVE) in which Mary and her son Charles were involved. It concerned the lease on a paddock known as "Blackshaws paddock".  It seems the paddock had been sold by the landlord and he wanted Mary to vacate the property.  What was most unusual about this is that her husband is not mentioned at all in the case. Her son Charles seems to be her supporter.

Mary's death notice, 1889.

Mary died on 13th October, 1889 aged 49 and is burred at Saint Saviours Anglican Cemetery, Goulburn.

St Saviours Cemetery, Goulburn, where Mary and her husband are both buried.

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